Working Genius session

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Introducing Catalyst Development's Working Genius Zoom Session!

Are you ready to discover where you get energy from work and unleash your productivity superpowers? Join one of our Working Genius sessions! Led by our very own Dr. Katie Ervin, a certified Working Genius facilitator, this Zoom session offers you a transformative opportunity to tap into your true potential.

The Working Genius assessment, developed by renowned author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni, is a powerful tool that unveils your unique geniuses and frustrations. By understanding your working genius profile, you gain a deep awareness of how you get your energy at work, which can help you maximize your productivity.

During this interactive session, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery as the Catalyst Development team guides you through the details of the Working Genius framework. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your working genius profile and how it impacts your work style and overall productivity.

By signing up for this session, you'll receive access to the Working Genius assessment, enabling you to uncover your personalized working genius profile.

This invaluable session is available at the affordable price of $50, which includes the Working Genius assessment and the interactive Zoom session with our team. You'll not only gain a deep understanding of your personal working genius but also acquire practical tools to apply this knowledge in your daily work and personal life.

Unlock your productivity potential and join Catalyst Development's Working Genius Session. Don't miss this opportunity to transform the way you approach work and achieve unparalleled productivity.

Note: Session times are pre-assigned and vary to accommodate different schedules.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get an email with the link to take your assessment and another link for the LIVE Zoom event!

LIVE Zoom session with the CD team
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Working Genius Assessment
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Genius Schedule Worksheet
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Printable Office Sign
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Working Genius session

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