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We're your partner in leadership development. Our content is rooted in intentional workforce skill-building at all stages and levels.


Books & curriculum

You Might Be an Asshole But It Might Not Be Your Fault (Paperback)


YMBAA Companion Workbook


LEAD Toolkit - Who are you as a leader?


ENGAGE Toolkit - How do you communicate?


ACCEPT Toolkit - How do you belong?


DEVELOP Toolkit - How do we work together?


EFFECTIVE toolkit - How do you get it done?


RESILIENT toolkit - How do you pivot?


LEADERs Toolkit Bundle


Fun stuff

"Don't be an asshole" lockscreen + wallpaper


"It's All About the People" lockscreen + wallpaper


"Not my fault" lockscreen + wallpaper



SUPERVISOR 101: A one-month kickstart to help new managers find firm footing in their first leadership role